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Welcome to the most exciting educational years of your life. You are about to embark on an amazing journey of discovery, growth and learning. SEGi University is known for its in-depth programmes across a wide range of subject matters, a modern campus and accomplished academics. You will gain the necessary knowledge you need to launch yourself into your new career upon graduation, after spending your tertiary education years absorbing all that the University has to offer. So get ready for the ride of a lifetime. 

Trending Programmes

The MBBS programme curriculum sees a range of basic and clinical science disciplines. This reflects how students will be expected to identify and address clinical problems. Sibu Hospital is the venue for clinical placement exclusively for SEGi University students from year three.

The programme spans over 4 years, with emphasis on building a solid foundation in the first year. The fourth year sees students undergo industrial training and also work on the final year project where they gain practical application of theories learned in the first three years.

The University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) offers this double degree together with SEGi University. It combines industry-driven theoretical content with practical aspects. Typical jobs include investment analyst, auditor, financial controller and company secretary. 

The programme provides students with new materials, technologies and techniques to prepare them for life as interior architects, as they find ways to explore how spaces can be re-imagined.

Bach. of Business Management

The course helps students become indispensable assets in any company as they acquire knowledge and practical reinforcement in marketing, human resource management and financial management.

This programme is aimed at preparing students for the demands of being a 21st century teacher. Graduates will have an understanding of educational philosophies, systems and practises.


Anatomy Museum

Human cadavers in the dissertation hall and anatomy museum give students an opportunity to practice their skills.


The campus has learning facilities for hospitality and tourism with 5 kitchens, a mock restaurant and a mock hotel room.


Emphasise co-curriculur activities through sports and recreation facilities and students clubs for an overall personality development of students.

Clinical Skills Laboratory

The laboratories at SEGi University handle work from multidisciplinary fields to aid students in their scientific work.


Emphasise co-curriculur activities through sports and recreation facilities and students clubs for an overall personality development of students.

Music Room

Students are able to practise their varied instruments in a specialised room with great acoustics, either solo or in groups.


The Library has a great collection of journals, textbooks, magazines and newspapers for the use of all students.

Top Facilities

The teaching facilities including 53 prosthetic workstations, 25 simulator units, and 6 dental X-rays facilities


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